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Cruelty-free, vegan and unrivalled hair colour? Count us in!

Over the last year or so, we have found we’ve had more and more clients wanting to know more about the products we are using. The population are becoming more and more aware of what's in their hair colour and how it will affect not only them, but the planet too. We've noticed a huge shift in awareness of what people are using and consuming on a daily basis, whether it's the products we use or the food we consume.

Did you know that the number of vegans in the UK has grown by 360% over the last ten years? We heard only last week that now one in three meals eaten in Britain is meat-free. But this isn't just about being vegan. We are having these questions come up more often recently:

1. Does the hair colour you use have high levels of ammonia in?

2. Is the colour you use cruelty-free?

3. Will I see the same high-quality results with a cruelty free/vegan range?

In owner Kim’s Stirling salon, Mandarin, they started researching for a new colour brand to meet these needs almost eighteen months ago. In doing so, they came into company with Muk Hair UK. Formulated with almost 80% naturally derived ingredients, the products work to condition and nourish the hair, whilst providing unsurpassed shine and longevity.

Muk cruelty-free vegan hair colour

The test for us was if the product would be as good or better than brands we have previously used on clients. We actually found that the colours are shinier and the hair feels healthier. The colours are cool-based, helping avoid the brassy tones many clients don’t want to see. The grey coverage is fantastic! The natural progression was for us to take on the brand as well.

Sophie had training with Martyn from Muk last month and has been really excited to get her hands on the range in the salon. We asked our clients and they listened - we are proud to introduce the cruelty-free range of hair colour from Muk UK.


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