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Five things you can do (for you!) on lockdown

We are entering week five of lockdown and at the moment, we know we have at least another fortnight at home. For most people, life has changed drastically. Those who are invaluable key workers (THANK YOU!) will have found that even though they are going to the usual place of work, they are far busier. They may be dealing with stressed-out customers or patients, or grouchy bosses who are getting pressure from elsewhere. We’ve all had to queue to get into the supermarkets and we can’t do many of the things we love to!

As much as we thought having a few weeks off would be great, reality has set in by now and many are struggling to adjust to this way of life.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve all kept in touch and up to date on what everyone is up to at home. Yes, it can be boring at times, but we wanted to compile a short list of what we’ve been doing to keep our spirits up and ourselves active.

1. Take a walk

Both Lynne and Laura have been enjoying some beautiful walks near their homes. We have been so lucky to see some fantastic weather but lets face it, even if it wasn’t sunny, we know how to dress for the weather in Scotland! We’ve even seen some posts on social media with people saying they didn’t know how many lovely walks there were around their area. BONUS TIP – Tire the kids out! Take them a walk and ask them to point out when they see something like a fir tree, red car or a cat!

2. Spend time with family

Sophie’s mum gave birth to a beautiful little girl last year so Sophie has been making the most of her time at home and getting to know her wee sister.“I’ve been bonding with my little sister. She’s kept me busy!” says Sophie.What’s really magical is that Angel is so young, she doesn’t know what’s happening right now and will never remember this! We will (hopefully) never see a time like this again so make the most of you all being together if you can.Don’t live with your family? Then why not set up a family quiz via Zoom or Facebook Messenger? The adults could even have a glass of wine or two and the losers could be nominated to pick up the tab for the next family get together!

3. All those jobs you never had time for

Laura has been turning her hand to a bit of DIY whilst she’s been at home! Making the most of the glorious weather, she’s been in the garden painting some planters, ready for the summer blooms! She’s also given the summer house a full clean for when visitors are able to come round. We’ve all got those niggly jobs that have waited forever to be done, why not use your time now to get them out of the way?

4. Learn something new

Both Kim and Laura are studying at the moment and this has been the perfect time to get a wriggle on with the reading! Having more time to study can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to put things off as you know you will have time tomorrow, but that can lead to getting nothing done! Kim follows the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer for a set period of time (traditionally 25 minutes) then when it goes off, you can have a five-minute break before getting back to it. Breaking the learning down like this makes it more

manageable and less monotonous. There are hundreds of free online courses available, why not Google a subject you’d be interested in?

5. At-home pamper and chill

Luckily for Laura, she is more equipped than most of us to keep herself up to date with her beauty treatments. We can all still give ourselves a pamper at home though! Give your hair a break during these times by laying off the heat tools and pop on a deep conditioning mask in the evening. You could even use coconut oil if your hair is dry, just shampoo and condition as usual once you’ve done it. Treat yourself to a bath, some bubbles or a bath bomb and maybe even a glass of something delicious!

Close the door and put some music on to minimiss the disruptions. Lynne has been enjoying a bit of downtime in the evenings by getting her candles on, a glass of fizz and some snacks (essential!) If you can’t be bothered or don’t have the energy to be mega-active and firing through the to-do list, don’t beat yourself up! We all have days where we just can’t be bothered, hands up who has watched a little more Netflix than normal? Take as much of this time for yourself as possible. We know we will be busy when we come back to the salon so the down time is a must!

What have you been doing with your free time whist you’ve been off? We’d love to hear it. We’ve missed client interaction so much during this period and can’t wait to see you all soon!


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